Rain Water Dance

This afternoon, while I was out getting my body pillow washed at a laundromat, I stood at the window watching the mega-raindrops hitting the pavement with such force that I was certain they’d leave dents in the concrete. My next thought was this: I gotta dance.

Notwithstanding the guy staring me down, the cars swooshing by, pelting me with undulating sheets of water; notwithstanding even the chill and and gale force winds, I did a little (happy) rain water dance. Under an umbrella.

If I wasn’t quite singing in it, I decided that if the clouds had to change course, after a pretty long stretch of sunny, bright-skied days, well then, who was I to argue with mother nature? Bring it on down. There’s healing power in those raindrops too.

Leap. Splash. And a dosee-do.

(Note: Today also happens to be Blog Action Day. And the word du jour is water!)


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