Giving Thanks

So much to be appreciative for, on this day of Thanksgiving: the spectacularly blue sky that greeted us throughout the day; the breathtaking beauty emanating from the multi-colored leaves still gracing trees – in spots, like a gust of wind that left a pointillist mark in its wake; the perfectly weathered afternoon, ideal for a walk on the mountain with a friend not seen in over a year; and more.

Above all, gratitude is omnipotent today because our health is in check; because Wei resurfaced (though still distraught) from her withdrawal; because I can walk again for an hour or so (even in pain); because I enjoyed the music, the food, the conversation; because the laundry was dried ‘au naturel’ (hung outside, breathing fresh air); because I have a steaming bowl of carrot soup and hot shower to look forward to this evening; because there’s more writing to settle down to and a Reiki self-treatment to guide me gently towards nighttime.

If we don’t appreciate all the minutae of these daily miracles, then what else is there?

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