Healing Wrap-up

The last few days have been chock-full of appointments, with the following highlights:

… my podiatrist greeted me with boundless enthusiasm, announcing that I would be one of her prime candidates, or rather guinea pigs, when she sets out to try a new hi-tech machine to be installed later this month. The built-in sensors would gauge my gait while I’m walking, in real time, instead of just getting an impression of my feet off a static mold or plate. From the way she went on about it, eyes all aglow, you’d think she was a kid who just found out she was getting exactly what she’d requested for Christmas. As I left the room, she waved me off with a “see you for the F-Scan”! My feet have a date. I can’t wait.

… my massage therapist cajoled my muscles and ligaments into gliding action again, limbering them up, softening them down, reawakening their dormant memories of functionality. Then she moved down the side of my left leg, kneading into – and under – my skin. By the time she made her way down to my left foot, palpating this way and that, she seemed slightly taken aback by what she felt: how in the world can you walk??

… I began a course in Reiki (level I) last night and was surprised to discover that it’s considered a “healing modality for lazy people.” No actual work is required, I am merely expected to “get out of the way” so as to let the energy flow through me. Basically, I am supposed to do nothing at all. Ahhh, but the irony of it all: in order to do nothing, I have quite a bit of  study ahead of me! And (we were forewarned) I should be prepared to undergo a “healing crisis” of some sort, perhaps psychological, perhaps physical; all in the next 21 days, while we undergo the initial phase of our studies about treatment.

… and this morning, sussing out a possible new addition to my roster: I finally decided to bite the bullet, accept the inevitable and visit a psychotherapist. Acknowledging the need to get the mind/body flow into better balance, to unblock trauma and clear away fears that resurface periodically, I sat there for the full hour and began to unravel my story – accident, irrational fears of falling, images of objects flying into my face, of violent thunderstorms wreaking havoc in my life. Next step: EMDR (eye-movement desensitization).

So, excuse me please, while I sign off to do my daily Reiki self-treatment in the hopes that I might actually avert (rather than bring on) this so-called healing crisis. Namaste.

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