At summer’s end…

With less than one hour to go till the official end of summer (11:09 pm EST – boohoo!), and since I’ve been on (apparent) hiatus for a full 2 months, I figured two things were in order:

1. That I post something, anything, just to let you all know that I’ve not gone and permanently given up on this adventure in writing, traveling, breathing, walking, swimming – basically, all things related to the business of recovery and healing; and

2. That I share some of my favorite shots from the summer of cross-border care giving. Because, as you can gather from the photos below, life always and somehow does go on, weaving colors and textures into and through some of the bleakest and most challenging times of our lives. So be it. And so grateful, still, am I…

Sue & Joe's Butterfly
Sunday market beets
Curlicue eggplants
Abandoned Jersey beach
Far off facades
Padlock heaven
Vespas galore!

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