The Big Chill

Early this morning, after a month-long hiatus, I lay my sore(y) back and butt onto Susan’s massage table. Despite my extended absence, my cranial osteopath extraordinaire picked up where she last left off: Alternating between my head and my sacrum; pushing and prodding into and around my pelvis; my knees bent and straightened; turned onto my stomach and back again – as if on a griddle or spit.

So many body parts for Susan to work on, and so little time. And boy, oh boy, so much heat…

A colleague was invited in and asked to hold my head, just below the occiput, while Susan’s hands were deeply burrowed into my sacral and pelvic region. As if to the rhythm of the classical piece playing in the background, Susan would periodically ask her colleague if she could feel it moving up towards her; where did she feel it now; they exchanged opinions – based on their respective palpitations – about its subtle movements, zig-zagging up and down, as if participating in a game of ping-pong.

An eavesdropper might have had reason to suspect something wonky going on behind closed doors, if only because of the coded language. But I was onto them: The it of which they spoke, I realized, was the cerebro-spinal fluid and energy sweeping through the central axis of my body.

When her colleague left, Susan rose and, with a great sigh, removed her jacket, exclaiming how hot and sweaty she had become. Which happened just moments after I’d begun to feel a sudden chill pass through me, centered in my upper torso and limbs. Which seemed rather strange at first, given the warm temperature in the room. Even after Susan pulled out a blanket and covered the top half of my body, my hand’s extremities still felt frozen.

And then the vibrations began. No no, nothing pornographic;  just other-worldly. As if immersed in a Dali-esque dream sequence, we suddenly realized that a chemically-induced heat-transfer or soft-tissue release was causing unmistakable (and unstoppable) vibrations in my sacrum and tush. Whoa! What is THAT?, we gasped in unison.

Quite simply, this is what had happened, and we were both at receiving – albeit diametrically opposed – ends of it: The heat that Susan’s treatment had begun to generate was leaving my body and entering hers. The vibrating sensations were just an extension of all the healing energy that was moving, ever so fluidly and powerfully, throughout my lower torso. Chillingly, surreal.

All of which reminds me of the ice block photos that I snapped recently…

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