A Space Odyssey

I’m dreaming of a white spacesuit. Just like the one Neil Armstrong wore.

Not because I’ve had a life-long dream to be an astronaut and not because of any strong desire to see Earth from space. Sure I’d like to see the moon and sun up close, who wouldn’t? But bottom line: I like the idea of levitating freely and for as long as possible.

Send me into gravity-less environment, where floating is de rigueur. My body will be in its element, unconcerned about weight, load-bearing, muscle-tearing, and pull.

I want to toss and turn effortlessly – while I’m awake. I’d like to cycle and jog mid-air, tumble, leap, somersault and push off a wall – knowing that I won’t fall onto a hard surface.

Give me a G-force that doesn’t shake me to bits, and my body will be eternally, ethereally, enchantedly grateful.

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