Master of his Domain

Yesterday was a momentous day. Not only was it Pi Day (3.14) and Albert Einstein’s birthday. But most importantly, and despite Google’s oversight, it was the G-man’s (GG’s) eighth birthday.

I invited GG to see a movie, visit the zoo or go bowling over his birthday weekend. He perked up about the latter. On Saturday morning, I asked if he still wanted to go bowling. Following a few moments of serious contemplation, his eyes lit up as he announced that what he wanted most for his birthday was a fort.

A fort? You mean like a cabin made from logs or bricks? Outside, when it’s raining cats and dogs? No no, he assured me: he wanted a fort in the playroom.

The plan was quickly set into motion, with AG and I getting to work on this architectural adventure. My role was essentially that of “reclining project manager,” whereby I assisted in the overall design; but it was AG who did the heavy lifting. (Any movement is physiotherapy for me, so why not build the boy his own fort while I am still in the business of recovery?!)

We proceeded to spend the next couple of hours building a pretty ingenious structure using chairs, stools, blankets, pillows and elastic bands. We formed walls and windows from carpet squares, then cordoned off a ‘kitchen,’ a living area and entryway. To top it all off, we ensured that GG’s fort would have all the comforts of home – that is, if you consider your home akin to a Bedouin tent, complete with rugs, pillows, and a round table (aka trampoline) topped with tablecloth and a backgammon set.

And, as if this deluxe fort, custom-made to GG’s height and wishes, were not enough, we jazzed it up even more by positioning a flashlight upwards, creating a funky disco-like effect on the ceiling of the enclosure.

Well, GG loved it alright. He was led downstairs blindfolded, and upon opening his eyes, could not contain his excitement. Whatever magic we managed to pull off, was well worth it.

I wonder how many play-dates it will take before GG will ‘allow’ us to dismantle his deliciously droopy castle?

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