One in Eight

How’s this for a jarring statistic: In the U.S. today, one in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer. I don’t know what the statistics show for women in other countries, but it doesn’t really matter: the numbers are just too high, appear to still be on the rise, and shake me up like a punch to the stomach.

The terminology also slaps me across the face with its abruptness: “architectural distortion due to crush artifact.” As if one were discussing remnants of an archeological dig – rather than the fleshy interior of a woman’s breast.

I imagine, sometimes, that there is a voice attached to a spirit hovering far above us, struggling to convey a message, one that goes unheard or unheeded; a message urging us to abstain from using so-and-so, or to commit to more this-and-that. What is it that we are not paying attention to?

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