The Big Blue

Yesterday morning, I awoke with a plan. After my workout in the pool, I made a pilgrimage to the ocean. Passing a memory ‘tree’ made of wood and shells, dedicated to the memory of a local young boy who had died of cancer, I stopped for a moment, closed my eyes, said a prayer, and listened to the clink-clink sound of the wind sweeping against the shells.

Opening my eyes, I surveyed the landscape: a couple of beach boys had finished writing up the daily high and low tide-times, flag colours (blue was up on the board… for man-o-war!) and temperature, and were now busy laying out cushions and umbrellas. A construction crew was busy working on the jetty at one end, while a lone para-sailer was visible in the other direction. The incoming waves – with their hallucinatory effect – foamed up onto the shore, receding each time to reveal a new array of sea-life. Shells surrounded me absolutely everywhere.

As wood planks gave way to sandy ground on the nearly empty beach, I laid aside the cane to undo my sandals. A few days earlier, to my astonishment, I noticed that I could walk on the sand with relative ease – in bare feet and without my cane! Best of all, I could feel the muscles of my feet plowing through each step, working hard to grip the next mound of sand or pile of shells. As each foot lifted and landed, I felt greater strength returning to my legs.

I reached the edge of the ocean, and smiled. What more could I ask for, on this last day of 2009, than to be greeted by this great sea of turquoise-to-deep-blue; this vast canvas dotted with boats along the horizon; this breathtaking sight of feathery clouds and seagulls frozen mid-flight.

Heaven meets earth on the eve of 2010. Amen.


  1. Hi. I’ve just read through your entire blog to date and am both fascinated and impressed. Your story is very touching, and your little messages thought-provoking – and I like the way you write. I’ll be back! Good luck on your continuing road to recovery. Alan. xx

  2. Fellow pilgrim. Your writing is truly inspiring and connects us personally with your journey. As I read each story, I send you (and my laptop) unconditional love and light. You’ve made me so grateful for my physical health and ability to sit for a long time. Big hugs.

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